The Digital Patient as a Guest of the Healthcare System

Robert Booz Nov 20, 2017 No Comments

(Part 2 of 6) Written by EC-United Executive Partner, Robert H. Booz The experience that most people have with the healthcare system still is rooted in place as a user or guest.  Involvement in the complex and often confusing way healthcare is financed and delivered has been limited to patients presenting themselves at the healthcare […]

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Are You Ready For the Digital Patient?

Robert Booz Nov 10, 2017 No Comments

(Part 1 of 6) Written by EC-United Executive Partner, Robert H. Booz Healthcare providers and payers lag in their preparations for the digital patient.  Underestimating the complex needs of the digital patient means suboptimal or even negative results from technology reforms to the healthcare ecosystem.  Critical thinking and action to cope with a new form […]

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The Digital Revolution

Wheeler Coleman Nov 06, 2017 No Comments

Our society is experiencing revolutionary change when it comes to the interaction of technology and business operations. Innovations come quickly and more frequently each year. As CEO Michael Dell said: “The pace of change has accelerated. Can you keep up? The future does not care if you are ready!”. Today, endless information is right at […]

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What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Boss And A Collaborative Boss?

Wheeler Coleman Mar 22, 2017 No Comments

Picture a boss from the 1980s, and maybe you’ve got an image of a leader who leads from the top while everyone else follows. They’re the authority figure, and what they say goes. While certainly not representative of all traditional bosses, David Ogilvy’s recollection of the time an employee was fired by his boss is […]

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