The Challenges CIOs Will Face With the Digital Patient

Robert Booz Jun 18, 2018 No Comments

The emergence of the digital patient presents immediate challenges for CIOs of healthcare organizations. Foremost is technology enablement, which is well underway for most organizations. Yet this enablement often is inwardly focused. Digitization primarily is being used for administrative cost efficiencies. This movement actually can outsource responsibilities to the end user. For example, the now […]

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What Makes the Digital Patient a Critical Piece of the Healthcare System?

Robert Booz Feb 12, 2018 No Comments

The key reference point to successfully navigating the healthcare maze is the digital patient.  Increasing use of vast amounts of data gathered from many sources means that the digital patient must be the precise focus of that data. The rise of artificial intelligence into the healthcare mix will only strengthen the argument for making the […]

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The D-I-Y Dynamic in the Digital Patient

Robert Booz Jan 03, 2018 No Comments

The digital world has made available educational sources once reserved for those with specialized skills needed to access information. The healthcare industry has become especially invested in changing this dynamic. Accessibility has become the byword for an individual’s personalized research into symptoms, diagnoses and expected outcomes. By extension, the digital patient increasingly is becoming a […]

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Is Education the Same as Knowledge for the Digital Patient?

Robert Booz Nov 29, 2017 No Comments

Is the educated consumer actually the best customer?  When it comes to healthcare, the jury is still out. The healthcare world is trying to create better customers.  More information is made available for the inquiring purchaser.  This information can be confusing and inadequate —  perhaps even misleading.  And, when such information is used, it can […]

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