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The Digital Revolution

Our society is experiencing revolutionary change when it comes to the interaction of technology and business operations. Innovations come quickly and more frequently each year. As CEO Michael Dell said: “The pace of change has accelerated. Can you keep up? The future does not care if you are ready!”.

Today, endless information is right at our fingertips, and consumers demand information in real time. It is more important than ever that our information systems allow for real-time processing. This real-time processing allows for a new generation of analytics in which we can discover noncompliance and fraud more easily than before.

Companies such as Netflix and Airbnb have used existing and emerging technology to leapfrog the competition and disrupt well-established business models. With a triple threat offense, you can do the same and thus become a “Triple Threat” CIO.

Operations Intelligence: Reinforce and refine existing operations

  • Be able to adapt to change and new infrastructures to support on-demand efforts
  • Streamline processes to reduce inefficiencies
  • Adopt best practices
  • Be prepared to transform existing operations and business

Emerging Technology: Revitalize and reinvent business models

  • It is important that IT and business units work closely together
  • Think outside of the box to develop IT solutions
  • Leverage emerging technologies and the proliferation of new sensors and digital inputs

Strategic Partnership: Retrain and refresh talent and partnerships

  • Be prepared to work with other organizations to meet the demands of the digital age
  • Infuse new talent in critical and strategic roles to prepare for the new marketplace

This just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to evolving in the digital age. However, if you can get on board in these three areas, you are well on your way to a smooth integration of technology and business.

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