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Emerging Technology

Advanced analytics and reporting will be critical in the next five years for all industries, including health care plans, to drive decisions and expenses out of the system. Big Data, data lake, data warehouse, data architecture, predictive analytics, application software, knowledge management, networking and professional services are provided.

Cloud computing is the great neutralizer for small and medium sized companies to compete with large and more established entities. Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), technology stack, architecture, security, design, planning, management, maintenance and support are services we provide.

Over 75% of business is driven through web searches. This makes web and mobile access imperative. At EC-United, our team is built of designers who can write code and design visuals, developers who can build interfaces as well as web strategists who can connect it all. We help our clients design, develop, and maintain customized web and mobile solutions.

Social media has a profound impact on consumers and their behavior; and progressive companies are leveraging social media to monitor, influence and inform their customers. Our partners help develop and execute innovative social media marketing strategies, programs and measure all aspects of the social media programs.

Performance Management

From time to time, organizations need to temporarily fill critical leadership roles until a new leader is hired. EC-United has a vast array of partners with deep IT, business and operational experience to perform interim or part-time leadership roles such as CIO, CTO, COO, CEO and others. We will even assist with the screening and hiring of a permanent leader.

More than 60% of enterprise projects fail; at EC-United, we have experienced program, project and portfolio partners to manage highly complex or enterprise-wide initiatives. We will help develop program office, strategy, supporting business case and enterprise wide high-level project plans. Our objective is to deliver IT projects on time, within budget and meet strategic and business requirements.

EC-United will help your organization develop best practice operational reporting, dashboards, scorecards and metrics to assist leaders with tracking KPIs to understand true performance. We will design, develop and validate standardized reports, metric dashboards and ad-hoc queries that provide the data necessary to measure business and IT performance.

You would never build a home without a blueprint and you should never do IT implementation without a strategic roadmap. EC-United will help you create IT and operational strategies to drive business value and transform your business. Furthermore, we have a host of partners who can provide ongoing coaching and “trusted advisory” services for executive leaders and board members.

Risk Management

EC-United is able to identify the gaps in your IT operations, structure, processes and governance. AT EC-United we call these gaps “organizational risk” and we believe that every company should conduct a “Full Range” IT Risk Assessment every three years. EC-United risk assessment will examine the IT management and operation processes, Infrastructure, applications, people/sourcing and cost/budget. We will compare your IT shop to industry best practices and identify short and long term initiatives to close any gaps.

If you fail to protect your data you fail to protect your brand and profits. At EC-United, we conduct cyber security assessments, controls analysis and HITRUST certifications to help organizations minimize risks and improve the security safeguards. We will compare your current security practices with industry best practices and identify steps required to close gaps to better secure your environment.

AT EC-United, we provide targeted IT and business function assessments comparing your operational structure, practices and policies to industry best practices, including your peer groups. We apply a consistent approach and methodology as used for the full-range IT Risk Assessment.

Operation Improvements

Most organizations carry more IT cost than necessary. We help organizations stay lean and efficient by helping them eliminate redundant software, hardware, functions, people and contracts. We help clients better integrate process, technology and information to reduce costs, improve profit and shareholder value, and effectively manage risk and opportunity.

As your business grows and changes, let EC-United help you design and develop a new organizational structure to best service your internal and external customers. Our rich leadership team will work closely with your leaders to put a new structure in place that is customer-focused and collaborative. We will conduct a detailed process and structure re-engineering.

In the market for a new software solution? Let EC-United assist your team with a structured, unbiased evaluation and selection process. Our five step evaluation process will help you determine the best solution for your current and future needs. We will examine 1) the core functions, 2) underline technology, 3) security, 4) user experience and 5) future scalability.

EC-United will provide ongoing front-line support to organizations that are looking to expand their operations to meet seasonal needs. We will provide contingent labor as needed and assist with outsourcing functions, on and offshore as desired.

We believe

Our “Cornerstone Services” are effectively designed to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are not interested in delivering the status quo but rather, finding innovative ways to partner and provide remarkable solutions that have a significant impact to our clients’ business. Our experiences will drive new possibilities and transformation to meet the rapid shifts in business.

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A strong brand means clarity and consistency. It expresses the values and the ambitions of your business. Functional and beautiful products serve as the brand proof for all your stakeholders.

Websites and apps are like businesses: they are different according to the person who leads them, what they sell and to whom. A perfect, clean code is the right way to turn all those concepts into successful digital realities.

We like to ship soon so we work agile.

There’s nothing better that collaborating with our clients and delivering quality products in the most productive manner.

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